A Surprising Discovery: The Cost of Raising Children in Germany vs. the USA

Think that the cost of raising children in Germany is higher than in the USA? Think again! This was one of the many surprising discoveries we made when moving here. In this post and video, we share our comprehensive guide to the cost of living for families in Germany.

A Surprising Discovery: The Cost of Raising Children in Germany vs. the USA

The Cost of Raising Kids in Germany vs. the USA – Which Country is Cheaper and Why?

Raising children can be an expensive endeavor, no matter where you live. However, compared to the United States, Germany offers a more affordable lifestyle for families. Families have lower healthcare costs, the Kindergeld subsidy, and lower prices for food and entertainment. From amusement parks to restaurants, many of the costs associated with raising a family in Germany are significantly lower than in the US. Here we take a closer look at why raising children in Germany can be more cost-effective, and what you can expect in terms of costs for various family-related expenses.

In this video, we talk about everything from parental leave to childcare costs, amusement park ticket prices, Kindergeld, healthcare, and the big one – COLLEGE tuition.

Kindergeld – Monthly Child Allowance Program

One really helpful program Germany offers to support families is Kindergeld. It is designed to help parents cover the costs associated with raising children. It also helps to encourage families to have more children. Kindergeld is paid to parents on a monthly basis. It is available to all families in Germany, regardless of their income level or employment status. The amount of Kindergeld is based on family’s number of children, with higher payments for families with more children. Additionally, Kindergeld payments are adjusted annually to reflect changes in the cost of living.

Kevin and the boys at the Burghausen Castle in Burghausen, Germany

The Kindergeld program has been in place in Germany for many years. Many Germans consider it to be an important part of the country’s social safety net. It is widely popular among German families and is seen as a key factor in the country’s relatively high birth rate. Kindergeld is just one of the many ways that the German government supports families and children. They see it as an important investment in the country’s future. Overall, the Kindergeld program is an important part of life in Germany and is widely regarded as a major asset for families with children.

We like raising our children in Germany!
We laughed a lot in this video!

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