How Germany Changed Our Lifestyles for the Better as Americans

In this video, we give an update on how our lives have changed even more since we’ve lived in Germany. There are many ways Germany has changed our lifestyles for the better!

What Americans Think of the European Lifestyle

Our daily lifestyles have really changed since moving from the USA to Germany. Before we moved here, we knew our lives might change, but we weren’t sure exactly how. Well, now we know for sure! When Americans think of Europe, we often think of wine, good food, beautiful landscapes, and the more laid-back, relaxing lifestyle here. So, has that proven to be true since we moved here? We answer that and share so much more in this video!

How Has Germany Changed Our Lifestyles for the Better?

Here are some of the things we mention in the video!

We Drive Less and Walk/Ride More

As we all know, America is VERY car dependent. It’s hard to take public transportation there, and unless you live right in the middle of a major city, you have to drive to do most anything! Living in Europe is a breath of fresh air when it comes to transportation.

I love being able to walk or ride my bicycle to go to the supermarket. Our kids can walk to the local Grundschule and to their friends’ houses. We get a lot more exercise and do something good for the environment, too! Speaking of which, we have a post dedicated just to that here.

We Didn’t Own a Dryer for the First 18 Months We Lived Here!

I saw so many of our neighbors hanging their clothes outside to dry, and it really inspired me. I didn’t feel a rush to buy a dryer, until our second winter rolled around and then I caved. It takes SO long to dry clothes for six people, plus sheets and towels, in the wintertime. But we got an eco-friendly dryer that uses very little energy.

How Germany Changed Our Lifestyles for the Better as Americans | My Merry Messy German Life

Totally Random – We Got Used to Stiff Towels and Actually Liked Them!

Since we didn’t have a dryer for 18 months, we got used to using stiff, air-dried towels. Many of our subscribers say they love stiff towels as it feels like you’re getting exfoliated while you dry. I thought that was a really good point, and found that they were growing on me as well!

Germany’s Eco Friendly Mindset Has Rubbed Off On Us

We actually have a whole other post and video about this topic. Check it out here!

We Find We are Outside SO Much More

Germany has beautiful countryside, especially down here in the Alps where we live. It just inspires you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! It’s also common to see Germans outside walking, riding bicycles and hiking on weekend days and weekday afternoons and evenings. We see them outside ALL year round – even in the cold you’ll see people walking and doing cross-country skiing. Germans are, in general, quite active people and it’s really inspired us to get outside and join them!

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