German Pfannkuchen vs. American Pancakes – Which Do We Like Better?

Germans and Americans have their own versions of pancakes and they’re surprisingly different. We made German Pfannkuchen for the first time and also made American pancakes to do a side-by-side comparison! In Germany, they’re called Eierkuchen and sometimes, Palatschinken, or Flädel.

German Eierkuchen vs. American Pancakes - we baked both to see which we like better!
German vs. American Pancakes – which did we like better?

German Pfannkuchen & American Pancake Recipes

Join me in my Bavarian kitchen as we make both American and German pancakes (Deutsche Pfannkuchen)! Then we all taste them to see which ones we like better and why. You’ll see our first reactions and see what our kids think, too!

Here are the two recipes I used:

How are German and American Pancakes Different?

German Pfannkuchen, also known as Flädle, Eierkuchen, or Palatschinken, are thin and crepe-like pancakes made from a mixture of flour, eggs, milk, and salt. They are different from American pancakes in terms of their texture, thickness, and preparation method.

Eierkuchen are thinner and larger than American pancakes and are typically made by pouring a thin layer of batter into a hot, greased pan and spreading it out to cover the entire surface of the pan. They are cooked until golden brown on both sides and can be rolled up or folded into quarters. They remind us SO much of French crêpes!

Here's a typical way Germans eat their Eierkuchen for breakfast - with fruit, butter and sometimes jam (marmalade).
German Eierkuchen are very similar to French crêpes.

They Are Usually Eaten for Breakfast, Just Like American Pancakes

In Germany, Pfannkuchen are often eaten for breakfast or brunch, accompanied by a variety of sweet or savory toppings. Some popular sweet toppings include jam, honey, Nutella, fresh berries, and whipped cream. Savory toppings can include ham, cheese, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and vegetables.

They are A Popular Street Food

Pfannkuchen are also a popular street food in Germany, particularly in Berlin, where they are sold from food trucks and stands. They are often served rolled up with a variety of fillings, such as smoked salmon, cream cheese, and arugula, or with spicy sauces and condiments.

German Eierkuchen vs. American Pancakes - Classic American Pancakes - thick and fluffy, much different than German Eierkuchen.
Summer breakfast – homemade classic american pancakes with almond and fresh raspberries. White marble background. Selective focus

Pfannkuchen are a versatile and delicious dish in German cuisine. They are thinner and larger than American pancakes and can be eaten with a wide range of sweet or savory toppings. Whether enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, or as a street food, Eierkuchen are a beloved part of German culinary culture. They are also popular among children, and we’ve heard of many of our German friends say they’re having Pfannkuchen for lunch!

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