12 Smart German Life Hacks

After living in Germany for a year and a half, we’ve learned quite a few of their smart practical tips and tricks. In this video, we share 12 smart German life hacks that have really been useful for us.

Smart, Practical & Easy Tips that We’ve Learned from Germans

German life hacks are things that make everyday life tasks easier and more efficient, and Germans have many of them! Here are some we’ve learned from YOU this past year from our YouTube and Instagram comments! Germans are known for being practical for a good reason. They have simple and smart tips for making daily tasks more eco-friendly and cheaper. Many of these tips I wish we had in the USA as well, and we think many Americans would appreciate these tips.

Our Top 11 Random German Life Hacks

  1. Use the egg cartons as fire starter (works SO well!).
  2. Have a toilet brush right next to every toilet, in it’s own container.
  3. The Pfand System (keeps plastic bottles off of the streets and out of dumps)
  4. Shopping Cart Quarter – keeps the shopping carts from rolling all over the parking lot. Employees don’t have to spend near as much time gathering carts and bringing them back into the store – it’s MUCH more efficient. 
  5. Employees can sit down while working – imagine that! So much more humane, especially for the elderly, injured, handicapped and pregnant women.
  6. They collect rain water and use to water the garden – smart! 
  7. They have more natural looking gardens so it’s not so much to maintain. It’s much cheaper, less stress, and better for the environment this way.
  8. They have two duvets on the beds so couples don’t have to fight over the duvet.
  9. Their windows are awesome! Easy to clean – they tilt open and open all the way.
  10. They teach kids to use a balance bike before riding the full bicycle – this has worked seamlessly for all of our kids!
  11. They use reusable produce bags – I mean, duh 🙄 .
shopping cart quarters are so smart
Americans have experienced shopping cart quarters at ALDI and LIDL, which have become quite popular there.

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