Have We Become Germanized Yet as Americans Living in Germany?

Today, YOU get to decide if we’ve become “Germanized” as Americans since moving to Germany in February 2021. In this video, we take you around our house to show you things we didn’t have in America but have now that we live in Germany and show you just how much our lifestyles have changed.

have we become Germanised yet as Americans?

You Get to Decide – Have We Been Germanized?

In today’s video, we are taking you all around our house to show you how we live our lives now that we have lived in Germany for a year and a half. Do we live like Germans or Americans? Have we really become Germanized? Let us know in the comments below! We’ve also adpoted many German life hacks, which we shared in this post.

What Does it Mean to Become Germanized Anyway?

Since we started sharing about our lives as Americans here in Germany, we’ve gotten many comments along the way that we’re getting “Germanized.” This is a term we’d never heard before – we don’t say in the USA, you’ve become “Americanized.” So it was totally new to us!

As soon as the sun is out, I see Germans drying their clothes outside.

The term “Germanisation” refers to the process of adopting or assimilating to German culture, customs, and traditions. The term has been used in different historical contexts, with different implications.

Historically, Germanisation has often been associated with the forced cultural assimilation of non-German populations, particularly in the context of German colonialism or expansionism. For example, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the German government implemented policies to Germanise ethnic minorities in areas such as Alsace-Lorraine, Poland, and the Baltic states.

We never owned one of these until we moved to Germany – a Kinderfahrradanhänger or Kinderwagon

However, today the term “Germanisation” is more commonly used to describe the voluntary process of immigrants or foreigners adapting to German society and culture. This process may involve learning the German language, adopting German customs and values, and integrating into German communities.

In summary, the meaning of “Germanisation” can vary depending on the historical and cultural context in which it is used. Generally, it refers to the process of adopting or assimilating to German culture and customs, either voluntarily or through coercion.

Here Are Some Ways We’ve Might’ve Become Germanized

Click on the link and it’ll take you to that chapter in the video!

  • 02:52 – #1 – Our Bed – Do we have two duvets or one?
  • 03:21 – #2 – We never had to do this in the USA to keep humidity down
  • 03:46 – #3 – We never owned this type of pants in the USA! LOL
  • 04:30 – #4 – This is something we take hiking with us that is quite common in Germany.
  • 04:47 – #5 – How our Kids Get to School
  • 05:08 – #6 – This is really OBVIOUS but Necessary to Live in Germany
  • 05:50 – #7 – Something to do with Outdoor Clothing
  • 07:43 – #8 – Hauschuhe for Ourselves and For….
  • 08:24 – #9 – German House Decorations
  • 10:26 – #10 – Here are 2 German Foods We Always Have in Our Fridge!
  • 11:55 – #11 – We’ve Become Masters of this VERY German Thing!
  • 12:50 – #12 – We Use THIS For Our German Bread
  • 14:07 – #13 – We’ve Totally Embraced this Aspect of German Culture!
  • 15:05 – #14 – This is Our First Time Owning This (Goes with a Bicycle)
  • 16:16 – #15 – Our Lawnmower and Edger are Different Here
  • 15:52 – #16 – We No Longer Own THIS Household Appliance

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