Our First Few Weeks as Americans in Germany

In this episode, you’ll get a glimpse into our flight and the first few weeks of our new lives as Americans in Germany. You’ll hear funny stories, learn how we traveled with four kids and a cat, and see how we survived quarantine and began to make Germany our home.

In this video, we fill you in on our first couple of weeks of our lives as Americans in Germany. We moved during the pandemic, which made it a LOT harder!

You’ll see how the flight with FOUR kids and a cat went (like a circus), how our first day went, and how we set up our house from abroad and started life here. We had to move straight into a house as all of the hotels are closed. It was a bit of a rough landing, but we survived and are finally on the other side of all of the stress and hard work. Hope you enjoy our latest update! We are loving living in Germany so far!

Time Stamps – Our First Few Weeks as Americans in Germany

0:00​ – Setting Up Our Home & Surviving Quarantine as Americans Moving to Germany

0:35​ – See how much crazy luggage we had and what it was like to carry it with our kids. Hear about the bad experience that happened with us in security in the Atlanta airport with the TSA.

8:10​ – Ahhh the stress got so much better once we got on the flight! And we were sooo excited because we were on our way to Germany!

13:25​ – Arriving to our house in Germany as an American family of 6!! We were so excited! Our first night in Germany – wait for it….something really gross happened!

21:30​ – All Kevin did the first few weeks was build furniture….more and more and more furniture! We can laugh about it now…

25:36​ – What quarantine with four kids and a cat was like in Germany

25:36​ – The first week after quarantine!

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