Reverse Culture Shock – 20 Things We Missed About Germany

It’s a common experience for one to feel what’s called reverse culture shock when visiting your country of origin after living in a foreign country for an extended period. When we went back to the USA after 10 months of living in Germany, we honestly didn’t think we would feel much shock. But we were wrong! Here are 20 thing we missed about Germany while visiting the USA.

Reverse Culture Shock - here are 20 things we missed about Germany while living in the USA
Rothenburg ob der Taube in Bavaria, Germany

Reverse Culture Shock – America vs. Germany

When we got back to the States, we began to notice things right away that we’d forgotten about while living in Germany. We kept a list while there for two weeks and sat down to record it for you all – 20 things in total, and we could’ve done more! There were many little things that by themselves aren’t a big deal but added up, they equal culture shocks.

So here’s our list of things we missed about Germany while being in the USA and things that were strange for us. This has been a much-requested video since we’ve returned – hope it meets your expectations and you enjoy it!

What is Reverse Culture Shock?

Reverse culture shock, also known as re-entry shock, is a phenomenon that individuals experience when they return to their home country after living in a foreign culture for an extended period. It is the opposite of the culture shock that people experience when they first move to a new country.

Reverse culture shock can be a challenging experience for many individuals, as they may struggle to readjust to their familiar surroundings and customs. After spending time in a foreign culture, individuals may have become accustomed to new ways of living, thinking, and communicating. When they return to their home country, they may experience feelings of disorientation, frustration, and confusion.

Some of the symptoms of reverse culture shock may include:

  1. Discomfort with familiar surroundings
  2. Difficulty connecting with family and friends
  3. Feelings of isolation and loneliness
  4. Frustration with cultural differences
  5. A sense of boredom or restlessness
  6. Difficulty adjusting to work or school

To help ease the transition back to their home country, it can be helpful to stay in touch with the friends they made while abroad, seek out communities with similar interests, and find ways to incorporate their newfound cultural experiences into their daily life. It’s also important for individuals to give themselves time to readjust and not expect everything to feel familiar right away.

Reverse Culture Shock - we weren't expecting to feel it when on a visit to the USA after living in Germany, but we did!

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