Why We Love This Kinderhotel in Galtür, Austria + The Tyrolean Alps

If you have kids and are looking for an amazing vacation where you can ACTUALLY relax and have incredible mountain views, we can highly recommend this Kinderhotel in Galtür, Austria. Here we share why we loved it and can recommend it to other families with young children.

We had an amazing vacation at Ballunspitze in Galtür, Austria

Our First Time in a Kinderhotel in Galtür

This was our very first time in a Kinderhotel, and we can highly recommend them for families with young children. Also, this region of Europe is stunningly beautiful and affordable. When people think of visiting the Alps, they often think of Switzerland. The Tyrolean region is also gorgeous but less touristy and cheaper.

Kinderhotels have childcare for up to age 10, so Kevin and I were able to get away, go on several hikes and walks, and explore the area. We took the kids Bouldering for the first time at the top of Ballunspitze, which is right in Galtür. If you have kids, Kinderhotels are amazing and have many locations in Europe – Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, and more!

We can highly recommend Alpenresidenz Ballunspitze. The staff were all so warm and friendly and took amazing care of us. Service during the meals is top-notch, and the staff in Bärenland were amazing with the kids!

What are Kinderhotels?

Kinderhotels are a group of hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, and Switzerland that specialize in providing family-friendly accommodations and activities for parents and children. These hotels cater to families with children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. I know many Americans would love to have a hotel chain like this in the USA!

Our Vacation to Galtür, Austria + the Tyrolean Alps | My Merry Messy German Life
Looking down at the village of Galtür

Kinderhotels typically offer a wide range of amenities and services designed specifically for families, including indoor and outdoor play areas, children’s menus in their restaurants, swimming pools and spas, child care services, and organized activities for children of all ages. Many Kinderhotels also offer family-friendly packages and special deals that include meals, activities, and accommodations all at one price. Many offer swimming lessons and ski lessons for the children in the wintertime.

Horseback riding at a Kinderhotel in Galtür, Austria
Our daughter, Ella, was able to take a ride on a pony.

One of the most notable aspects of Kinderhotels is their focus on providing age-appropriate activities and experiences for children. For example, younger children might enjoy indoor and outdoor play areas, crafts and games, and supervised playtime with other kids, while older children might prefer sports activities, adventure excursions, and social events with their peers. Many of them even have a small petting zoo and really nice playgrounds, all of which our children really enjoyed!

Kinderhotels Provide Childcare!

Another important aspect of Kinderhotels is the emphasis on providing childcare. This is the number one reason we go back to them again and again! Finally, a vacation where we can have some help taking care of our kids.

Our Amazing Vacation at a Kinderhotel in Galtür, Austria - we took a cable car to the top of Ballunspitze  in Galtür.
We went to the Galtür ski resort and took the cable car to the top to go hiking and bouldering. The views were spectacular!

We Can Truly Relax

Another thing we love about Kinderhotels is how we can let the children be themselves. Even at dinnertime, there are families where children are crying or throwing fits, and it just feels like home!

They also offer amazing spa areas that are for the parents only, so we could sit in a steam bath or the sauna and even get a massage.

Why We Loved the Kinderhotel in Galtür, Austria

We have been to a few Kinderhotels in this region, and so far, Ballunspitze has been our favorite! Galtür is tucked away, high in the mountains at 1,574 meters (5,164 feet). It is cooler there, so if you need a break from the heat in the summertime, it’s a great place to visit. In the winter, it gets a LOT of snow, so it’s a fantastic place to ski as well.

Here were are on a hike while on a vacation at a Kinderhotel in Galtür, Austria.
Grayson petted a horse while on a hike right across the street from the hotel. Can you believe this scenery?!

One Drawback – Small Indoor Pools

The only drawback to this Kinderhotel in Galtür was the small indoor pools. Before dinner, they could get quite crowded. Our children really like to have a diving board or a place to jump in, and here there is no option for that.

The kids did love the water slides, so that was a bonus. However, the local Galtür Schwimmbad is really nice and is within walking distance from the hotel, so that’s a good option. The weather can change fast, that high in the mountains, so swimming indoors is helpful.

Bouldering at the top of Ballunspitze near our Kinderhotel in Galtür, Austria
Here are Grayson and Kevin bouldering at the top of Ballunspitze!

Ella loved the Kinderclub – the staff was so warm and friendly, and she even made a few friends. They had a really fun indoor soft play area, a huge crafting room, and even a movie theater! They took the kids on a fishing trip to the river, and the kitchen cooked the fish that the children had caught! The boys enjoyed playing in the teenager room where they could play on the Play Station, the pool table, play board games, and ride go-carts (extra charge).

The rooms were very comfortable, and we had an amazing view from our windows. The food was excellent – they served a different meal for the parents, so we did not have to eat at the buffet unless we wanted to.

We can highly recommend Kinderhotels and this region in Austria. You’ll come away refreshed, and the kids will have a trip they’ll never forget!

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