Surprising German Culture Shocks as Americans

Find out what has been challenging for us as Americans living in Germany. You’ll be surprised by these German culture shocks as they are not typically what’s shared on YouTube!

Surprising German Culture Shocks as Americans | My Merry Messy German Life

These Culture Shocks are Not What You’ve Heard Before!

Here are our top 10 German culture shocks as Americans living in Germany – but surprise! They’re not what you normally hear on YouTube of an American’s experience in Germany. Kevin and I have both lived in Europe before (Sweden and France), so many of the typical American culture shocks in Germany we have already experienced and were not shocked to us when we moved here. Most of our culture shocks have to do with integrating our children into school and helping them adjust to a new culture. See what has been challenging for us and why in this video!

Surprising German Culture Shocks as Americans | My Merry Messy German Life

Our Story

In February 2021, we packed up our American family of six, with four kids ages 11 and under, and moved halfway across the world to Germany to follow our dream of living in Europe again! When we were first married, we lived for two years in France and fell in love with the European way of life. Moving to Germany has been a whirlwind, especially with four kids in tow, but we’re already growing stronger and better from the experiences we are having. It has NOT been easy, but that’s how it usually is in life when you go after your dreams!

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