We’re Moving to Germany! The Story of Our Grand Adventure

Big news from My Merry Messy Life land…my family of six and I are packing up from the United States of America and moving to Germany!

What’s In the Video

  • 0:00 – Intro and the videos we will be showing you as we move abroad!
  • 1:21 – How our love for Germany started at Burg Eltz
  • 2:05 – How I was attracted to Kevin because he had lived abroad in Sweden and France and spoke both of those languages
  • 2:40 – Story of how we dated long distance
  • 2:55 – Our first trip abroad was to Greece!
  • 3:21 – We got married and moved to France 10 days later!
  • 3:46 – We did our honeymoon on the cheap in Paris, Scotland, Italy and Sweden!
  • 4:21 – Story of our two years living in France
  • 6:01 – Story of how we moved back to the USA to “settle down” and have kids
  • 7:08 – How life in Europe is different than life in the USA and how living abroad grows you and changes you for the better
  • 9:51 – While we lived in France, we went back and forth to Germany quite a few times (Baden Baden, Munich, Cologne, Füssen, Frankfurt, towns along the Moselle, among others)
  • 10:17 – How Kevin decided to start applying to tech jobs in Munch in January 2020, and he applied, and he applied and he applied!
  • 13:33 – Our next steps – waiting for our visas to come, how we will find a house there
  • 14:16 – How we are learning German to prepare ourselves
  • 14:51 – The emotional side of applying to jobs there and how it was difficult
  • 16:07 – Why we’ve chosen to live in Bavaria, south of Munich
  • 16:40 – Videos I’ll show you in the future – decluttering and selling off 90% of our possessions
  • 18:44 – How even though this has been such a hard process, we keep the long term goals in mind
  • 19:50 – Closing

Expat Life Isn’t the Only Thing I Write About…

We are super excited to be moving to Germany, but I have a lot more to share with you! I’ve been a professional blogger since 2011 and started sharing free crochet patterns and natural living posts. Here’s what else you can find on my blog, maybe we will find we have a lot more in common:

Like Hearing About Our Adventures?

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