Why Burghausen Castle Should Be On Your German Travel Bucket List

Come along with us as we visit Burghausen Castle, the longest Castle in the world! This hidden gem is it’s not as famous as other castles internationally, but Germans and Austrians know it is very special. It is exactly what you’d hope to see in a medieval castle.

We Visited Burghausen Castle – the Longest Castle in the World

We Saw Burghausen Castle + Spargel!

Come along with us as we visit Burghausen Castle, the longest Castle in the world (1 km). Some sources say it’s also the largest castle in the world. The castle is located in Burghausen, Germany, right on the border with Austria in the state of Bavaria (Bayern). It is everything you’d hope a castle would be! It feels like you’re stepping back in time to when knights, lords, and ladies lived there and defended the city. Did you know Germany has more than 20,000 castles/fortresses/palaces? WOW! So it will take us many years to see the most famous ones, but we are HERE FOR IT!

The Altstadt of Burghausen is so beautiful – it reminded us of Vienna. Pastel-colored buildings look like they’ve been perfectly maintained since the 18th century. We do try Spargelcremesuppe for the first time as well! The kids had Schnitzel and pork sandwiches. You can schedule a tour of the inside, and we want to go back to do just that.

Why Is Burghausen Castle Worth a Visit?

History of this Impressive Medieval Castle

Burghausen Castle is a medieval fortress located in the town of Burghausen in Upper Bavaria, Germany. It was built in the 13th century as a residence for the Wittelsbach family, who were the rulers of Bavaria. The castle consists of six courtyards and is over a kilometer long, making it one of the largest and most impressive castles in Europe.

Throughout its history, Burghausen Castle has played an important role in the political and cultural history of Bavaria. It was once used as a military stronghold and served as a residence for members of the Wittelsbach family, including the Bavarian dukes and kings. Today, the castle is a popular tourist attraction and a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Bavaria.

Burghausen Castle in Burghausen, Germany, is definitely worth a visit!

How the Fortress is Enjoyed Today

Today, Burghausen Castle is a popular tourist attraction and a must-see destination for anyone interested in history and architecture. Visitors can explore the castle’s many rooms and exhibits, which showcase the castle’s rich history and heritage. The castle also hosts several events throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and medieval fairs, which attract visitors from all over the world.

In addition to the castle itself, visitors can also enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding countryside from the castle’s walls and towers. The castle is also home to several museums, including the State Gallery in the Castle and the Museum of the Wittelsbach Dynasty. Visitors can learn about the castle’s rich history, as well as the history of the Wittelsbach family and their contributions to Bavarian culture and society.

We Visited Burghausen Castle – the Longest Castle in the World | My Merry Messy German Life

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